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Safari is a Swahili word that means expedition/journey, and it is a noun and verb and adjective all in one. On safari we find what the “civilized societies” lost : the aptitude of stillness, the primary of life, the reason of being.


Nobody will be indifferent to the smell of the first rains, a herd of buffalo passing through, the majestic lion and its roar, the colour of the birds and their call, the light from the stars, the moon, the huge plains, and,the sun transforming the land from dawn to dusk.


In Africa, we realize the fragility of the human being and it becomes evident the urgency of nature conservation.




There are three kinds of Mobile Safaris, being all done in 4X4 vehicles; all with a licensed professional guide and an assistant.


The route is done mostly by land,giving the possibility to the visitors of having a longer contact of the area chosen, it’s flora and fauna. The maximum of participants in these safaris is of ten guests.




Mobile safari of superior quality Driving daily covering a moderate distance, being all the stopovers for dinner and night in the best lodges/hotels or luxury tented camps. Safari made with a professional guide and an assistant.

Mobile safari of medium quality The daily drive is longer, being all the stopovers for dinner and night in smaller lodges or fixed tented camps. There is still the possibility of stopovers in mobile tented camps which will be erected prior to your arrival by the staff of another vehicle. You are accompanied by an experienced guide, assistant and a cook for the mobile tented camps.

Mobile safari where guests participate in the chores Daily driving, being the stopovers in the end of the afternoon to erect the camp and prepare meals. You will sleep in tents erected by our staff with your participation. The guests should bring sleeping bags or hire them from our organization at destination. Accompanied by a professional guide and a camp hand. However, this is a safari where guests participate actively.


The ideal for those which don’t want to use most of their time driving, is, with no doubt, the use of light aircraft. A very easy and efficient way of transport, being upon arrival, ready for other activities involved in a safari. All lodges and tented camps have a landing strip. This way you can program your safari from one lodge/camp to the other, within different areas, in a short period of time.


The combined trips can be arranged, thinking on the visitor that would like to spend some time on safari and another destiny: can be either Victoria Falls, a city with a beach, an  island ...


We can offer you a big range of possibilities, in different countries. To get those options, please, consult us.


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