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If there is something you do not need to worry about is how you are going to spend your time in Africa. The activities to choose from are so many and vast, being one of the continents with the best greens in the world for the golf lovers. Excursions in 4X4 vehicles to observe wildlife, nature walks, boat excursions, mokoro (dugout canoe), riding excursions for beginners or experienced riders, non-intrusive interaction with cultures and radical sports.







Game drives in 4X4 vehicles take place everyday, 2 to 3 times a day, depending whether the tented camp/lodge are located within a private concession or not. Within the areas named as “reserves” the first drive takes place at dawn and the second in the end of the afternoon, returning to the main camp/lodge after sunset, before dinner. All drives are done by specialized guides in wildlife and ecology, which will be present at all times, available to clarify you in any question you may have, providing for your safety and well being.

There are areas in the Okavango Delta where you can only do excursions by “mokoro”  (dug-out canoe), due to the geographic position of the camp in the Delta. The big emphasis is on observing wildlife without provoking any noise.

Here the excursions are accompanied by a licensed professional guide, the “poler”, specialized in wildlife and flora of the area, providing for the safety and well being of the guests.

When planning your safari, you can break your trip in one of the African cities and know the African cosmopolitan side. You will be surprised with the big enterprises and architecture in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Harare or Maputo.








In several areas of Africa you have the possibility of making game drives in vehicles 4X4 and by small motor boats. These are made when the lodge/camp are located on the banks of a river. This way, you can observe wildlife by another perspective. Usually these excursions are very rewarding due to the variety of animals you can find, namely while drinking. These excursions are done by a professional guide.

In camps / lodges along the river, there is a boat with an average capacity of 35 people who will take quietly through the waters, to attend the African sunsets. Here drinks, snacks and sweets are served.


A memorable moment for granted.

In most camps/lodges you can make walks with your own licensed professional guide. These walks are extremely rewarding, not only on the view point of wildlife but also of the huge variety of Africa’s flora. In specific areas you can make a horse back safari. Without a doubt, a unique experience.

On the Ocean one can have the opportunity to watch the humpback whales that come down to the African coast to deliver their babies. Another unique event is to witness turtles that come year after year to some specific beaches to spawn their eggs. Dolphins and for the most adventurous, diving with sharks. Scuba diving and diving are world renowned spots in the Indian Ocean.


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