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An African safari is a journey of discovery,whether the destination is the  Okavango Delta, the majestic Victoria Falls, or the Serengeti plains. It is a journey defined by the land, its people, and the ways of the wild. As such, a trip to this continent should be planned by a specialist in Africa, with a deep knowledge of this unique continent.


A safari operator must be equipped with a special awareness, understanding and sensitivity to the interests of the local communities and the needs of its international clientele. We assure you that we only sell what we have experienced first hand.


These qualities, combined with years of experience and expertise, have made INTO AFRICA – Tours & Safaris, Lda., one of Africa’s most successful and respected safari operators. Before you start planning your trip, ask yourself:


• what you want to see

•what you don’t want to see

• what fascinates you most

• your gastronomic preferences

• if you can ride a horse

• what animals fascinate you most and how close you would like to be

• if you’re a 5 star hotel kind of person or if for you is as thrilling to spend some nights under the stars

• if you like beaches and diving…


Founded by IRENE GRILO, born in Mozambique and a fourth generation African. She never lost the contact with Africa. She speaks fluently five languages: Portuguese, English; French; Italian; Dutch, with knowledge of German and Spanish and although she travelled all through Europe and America, it is in Africa where she finds all the balance through nature, the reason why she returns to Africa every year. She has years of experience in safaris done annually, and a deep knowledge of wildlife, acquired through the years.


Through our advise you will be able to design an itinerary ideal for you, personalized, which will give you the best of Africa. You will not be in “our safari”. You’ll be on the one we designed for you, and as our reputation grows, so do the chances that your safari with us won’t be the first neither the last.


What’s the best time to travel to Africa?


People ask us  this, often. Our answer is always the same: NOW!



    Ecologist and environmentalist, founder of the non-profit organization "AFRICA LIVES" (raises funds for the defense of habitats in Africa and its wildlife and supports Portuguese abandoned  and mistreated of domestic animals organizations); Member of "JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE "; Member and contributor to the "FRIENDS OF NGAMBA ISLAND CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY”  in Uganda; Member and contributor to the "BIG CAT TRUST" in Tanzania; Founding member of the Unit Patrol Anti-Poaching the Caprivi Strip in Namibia; Member of "LIVING WITH THE ELEPHANTS FOUNDATION" in Botswana. Scientific coordinator, co - screenwriter and assistant director of RTP / VCFILMES series: "Reis da Selva". Conservation Photojournalist.





    Project created in 2001 by Irene Grilo with the purpose of raising funds through photographic exhibitions and the sales of albums for projects in Africa, simultaneously creating an awareness to the dangers and extinction of various species and their habitats in Africa. This project also helps Portuguese projects of mistreated and abandoned pets.




    Douglas & Sandi Groves are a couple who adopted two baby elephants, JABULANI and THEMBI which then was joined by MORULA,  a female elephant who was going to be killed by disturbing a camp in South Africa  Jabulani and Thembi would be sold to a circus. By natural reasons, the elephants will survive Douglas & Sandi, therefore a fund was started called "Thembi's Trust" to ensure the maintenance and survival of these 3 elephants that reside in a private concession of the Okavango Delta with the couple, living wildly. Ideally, the trio would integrate an elephant breeding herd, but that didn’t happen. Irene Grilo met Doug, Jabu and Thembi with one year old.


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    The decline of big cats has been devastating, to the point of having more African lions in zoos and confined, than wild. At this time the numbers are about 25,000 wild lions. Dereck Joubert and Beverly Joubert, Explorers in Residence NG initiated this project in conjunction with National Geographic.
    Drastic measures have and are being taken now. Otherwise large cats will be in an extinct form. Africa is not a documentary of NG, the reality is different and African lions face extinction in the next 20 years.


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    A unique project to rehabilitate abused and confiscated chimpanzees at Ngamba Island on Lake Victoria in Uganda. Inserted in the Jane Goodall Institute. Despite different ages, is the only sanctuary that has managed to successfully complete and full integration between the different age groups. These chimpanzees live as close to the wild as possible, however, the island is not sufficiently sustainable and they need to have a complementary daily diet


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    Great Plains Conservation & and Beyond joined forces to buy and transfer 100 rhinos from South Africa to Botswana, due to the horrible massacre that rhino poaching numbers have reached in South Africa.

    This is one extremely expensive operation and many operators are involved as is our case.

    Botswana is known for very strict poaching rules with the policy “shoot to kill”.

    Rhinos will have a good chance to strive in this country as so far, the SA government didn’t proof to be effective with its endeavours.


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